Atsere Dobu-no-Mori 11/19 (Thu) Update Contents


A free winter update of The Atssere Dobu-no-Mori (“Atsmori”), which can be played with Nintendo Switch, was released on November 19 (Thu) at the Nintendo eShop. Here, I would like to introduce a lot of charms of the updated version that I downloaded immediately.

New ReactionZukan

With this version, 9 new reactions have been added, as well as even more cute attitudes and gestures.

New hair arrangements

Hair arrangements are also more abundant and you can enjoy fashion.

Poke Forest items added to tnuki shopping

By linking The Dobu-no-Mori Pocket Camp (“Poke-mori”) to your Nintendo account, you can now purchase Poke Forest items at Atsmori. Here’s a detailed way.

Yumemi’s dream can be seen in “Omakase”

Yumemi’s dream so far could not be seen unless it was a dream that knew the dream number in advance.

With this update, you can now dream of other people without knowing your dream address.

Increased storage limit in your home

According to the official website, the upper limit that can be stored will be increased.

If you have completed the maximum increase in your home and paid off the loan, you will be able to consult with us about “increasing storage”.

From Nintendo’s official website

I was still in the middle of building my own home, and I had a loan left, so I couldn’t increase my storage even if I consulted with Tanuki.

In addition, a lot of seasonal events are scheduled.

November 26th Thanksgiving Day

December 24, “Christmas Eve”

In addition, an app to move Atsumi’s player data and save data to other Switch consoles was also delivered at the same time. There are two ways to move island by island, and how to move only yourself and items to the island of another body. Details will be announced on Nintendo’s official website.

If you haven’t already updated, bought Atsumi, or don’t have a Switch (Lite) console, why not take this opportunity to consider it?

I edited this update part to the video, so please take a look if you like.


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