Images can now be sent to smartphones by updating the Switch console


There seems to have been an update of the Switch body.

Let’s see what features have been added.

Nintendo Switch Online added to HOME menu

Icons have been added to allow Nintendo Switch Online, previously connected from the Nintendo eShop, to connect directly from the Switch home screen.

Nintendo Switch Online icon added at bottom left

Download automatically with the “Save Data Deposit” function

In the past, save data was automatically backed up to the cloud on one console, but it can now be automatically downloaded to other consoles. For users with two or more consoles, it’s a nice addition.

“Trend” function added to “My Page”

The Trend menu has been added to My Page, which has an additional menu for friends. You can see what games your friends are interested in and what trends are often played.

Screen photos and videos can now be sent to your phone

This article is also actually edited using the function that can be sent to the smartphone added this time.

In the past, images and videos stored on the Switch console were saved from smartphones and tablets by Tweet posting and uploaded to blogs. Since there were up to four images that could be posted at a time, in addition to sending a lot of photos to other devices, it was possible to copy the data by res pulling out the memory card.

With this update, images and video data stored on the Switch console can now be copied together up to 10 images by connecting Wifi directly to the smartphone without using Tweets or memory cards. You can also transfer data to your computer using a USB cable.

It is not written in the manual, but in fact, there is a method that can save data from Switch on other tablets etc. without reading the QR code with a smartphone.

After sending to the smartphone on the Switch unit, move to the connection screen to the WiFi network with a tablet or pc, and select the SSID named “switch_”.

Next, if you enter “” in the URL of the browser, the qr code will be read on the smartphone and the same screen as the open screen will be displayed.

All that’s left is to press and hold the image and save it to your device. If you’re afraid of reading QR codes, try this method.

Switch’s network is automatically disconnected by closing the “Send to SmartPhone” screen on the Switch console.

How to update the Switch console

To update the Switch body to add this function, you can select the menu in the order of “Settings”, “Main Body”, and “Update Body”.


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