How to add nintendo switch friends you can't listen to now


When I talked to people of my generation, I recently got a Switch and was playing in the forest, but I didn’t have any friends and there were few items.

First of all, I think that you have to start with how to add friends, and by the way, I will introduce it in the blog, so please refer to it.

Add with a friend code

Choose your own My Page menu

When you turn on the switch (Lite) body, an icon called “00 My Pages” will appear in the upper left corner of the menu screen. Operate the controller, select your My Page, and press the decision button A.

Choose the Add Friends menu

Choose Find by Friend Code

When you enter the menu on My Page, select the “Add Friend” menu and press the decision button A.

A new menu appears in the right half of the screen, so select Find with Friend Code and press decision button A.

Enter the other person’s friend code

In addition, since the screen changes, enter the friend code of the other party in 12 digits.

Your friend code is on your profile screen, so ask them to tell you your friend code or tell them your friend code.

Find friends in other games and social media

Even if you don’t know their friend code, there are other ways to add friends to your Switch console.

Could you be a friend?

“May I be a friend?” on My Page ] menu to see a list of users who have been linked to other game consoles or apps.

There are five users you can add here:

  1. Friends of smartphone apps in cooperation with Nintendo account
  2. Facebook Friends
  3. Friends who follow each other on Twitter
  4. 3DS Friends
  5. Wii U Friends

See friend applications you receive

After you add a friend, they’ll be sent a Friend Request.

By looking at the friend request that the other person has received, you can have them decide whether to add it to their friends, and only by having them add them can they become friends with each other.

When you see a friend request you’re sending, you can see who sent your friend request and when, who you’re connecting with, and their gameplay record. You can also change the gameplay record to who you want to publish or not in your user settings.

In addition, there is also a function to find people near the range where Wifi radio waves can reach, and to find people who played together, so please try it.

No WiFi at home or in or around

If you listened to it a lot, it seems that it was a person who did not have a WiFi environment at home, so the above article was useless for the time being.

There are several ways to prepare your WiFi environment.

  • Connect from your wifi router settings
  • Connect from pocket router settings
  • Enable and connect tethering options on mobile devices such as smartphones
  • Use it at a free WiFi spot

I won’t go into details. There is a way to do it in each environment, so please visit the related site for details.


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