Tips on how to make a snowman in Atsumi

A snowman speaking the words that appeared in Atsumi

How to make a snowman

When I opened Atsumi this morning, the area was covered with snow.

As usual, as I strolled around the island knocking stones, two small balls of snow rolled over the snow-covered ground.

As you approach, you can kick the ball with your feet and it will get bigger and bigger. If it gets bigger, you can roll it by hand to make it bigger.

Snow balls can easily break if you don't roll them carefully, so be careful not to hit the trees.

When the snow ball grows to some extent, bring the two balls closer together little by little.

Then the snowman combines and begins to speak the language.

How to make a snowman

Get tips on recipes and more

The snowman taught me recipes that can be made by collecting snowflakes.

If it snows in atsumi, please make a snowman!


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